Laulagun Bearings has been designing, manufacturing and marketing high-quality large bearings as well as slewing rings since 1973 to respond to the high technical and quality requirements of international companies active in various industries and markets. Thus, the company is present in the most competitive and demanding markets worldwide, exporting nearly 80% of its production.

Our values set us apart:

  • We are specialists in large bearings. We have extensive experience in the design, manufacture and testing of large bearings, with greater specialisation in the wind turbine and capital resources industries.
  • A close partnership with our customers. To ensure that requirements and needs are met. Preserving this relationship over time allows us to provide the market with highly competitive products.
  • Highly qualified productive and human resources. State-of-the-art production means together with highly qualified staff, motivated and involved in the achievement of the mid and long term goals, guarantee proven product quality.
  • We use top quality materials and components. All of Laulagun Bearings' large bearings and slewing rings are manufactured from components supplied by highly competitive companies with a proven track record of excellent quality. Nowadays, the entire supply base is European and in line with our commitment to using only materials of proven quality and reliability when in service.
  • Innovation and on-going improvement as a sign of distinction. Targeting resources towards innovation is a strategic commitment in itself, and the constant effort to improve is an essential cornerstone.
  • Flexibility and agility. Production and management system aimed at adapting quickly to possible changes in demand. This allows us to offer the best market conditions from small batches to large series.


Guidance and commitment to R&D is part of LAULAGUN's DNA, and to do so the company relies on a highly qualified team, significant and sustained investment over the years as well as partnerships with leading technology centres.

To offer a product that meets the needs of our customers, Laulagun works on several research initiatives aiming to strengthen those aspects that we believe to be critical:

  • Testing and validation ⇒ development, design and construction of new test benches.
  • Development of new products for new industries
  • Condition monitoring ⇒  development of software and hardware for the proper analysis as to the condition of a bearing during operation.
  • Development and validation of advanced calculation methodologies for the calculation of bearings.
  • Development and improvement of manufacturing technologies.

To this end, we partner with leading research centres or universities according to their expertise.