Development and Services for Large Size Bearings

Product development is one of Laulagun's hallmarks. Therefore, we design and manufacture slewing rings for machinery to suit the individual needs of each customer. We build large bearings for industries such as wind turbines and construction, among others, where operating conditions can be very demanding.

Design Experts

Ideal technical solution for your large-sized bearings as well as slewing rings.

In recent years, Laulagun has become an expert in tailor-made bearings, offering rotation solutions for the highest demands. For this purpose, the company is equipped with calculation tools and methodologies that are beyond the state-of-the-art in the industry for the design and optimisation process of bearings across all technologies. This expertise and experience has meant that Laulagun has been involved in the design of all our customers' main machines and platforms.

We have over 20 years of experience in the design of large bearings, tailoring designs to customer specifications and requests. Laulagun is not only able to streamline components, but also to work and improve on a system level.

Bearing experts

Laulagun is able to assess all modes of bearing failure as per standards and its extensive experience. To do this, we have experts in: bolt calculations, toothing, rolling and structural calculations.

All the methodologies used to develop our bearings have been validated using in-house and customer test benches.

Our designs are assessed and approved by leading certification companies.

Testing Centre

Testing our customers' products as well as testing new developments and solutions.

The testing centre Laulagun Test Centre is the testing area at Laulagun Bearings that is participating in European projects along with other technology partners such as the Innteresting project. Launched in 2011, it features several test benches for full-scale product validation under real operating conditions, and multiple validation benches for critical components including rolling elements, cages/separators and watertightness systems.

Its mission is to respond to the current and future needs of our customers as they develop their new machines. Thus, it allows the validation of new solutions aimed at responding to technological challenges.

The following tests are worth mentioning:

  • Full-scale bearing service life tests. Both rolling and structural fatigue tests.
  • Service life testing of watertightness systems.
  • Validation to both service life and extreme load of rolling elements.

Other Services

Portable device development and monitoring techniques as well as bearing condition. In-service monitoring of radial and axial clearances

On-site monitoring

Laulagun provides added value beyond the supply of the bearing, by providing its customers and fleet operators with devices and techniques that monitor the condition of the on-site bearing. To achieve this, in recent years the company has developed both specific hardware for collecting and processing data, along with sensors related to the most significant indicators of the bearing.

Post-mortem analysis

Laulagun is equipped with specific resources to identify the causes of bearing failure originating on-site. We have experts with extensive experience in bearing technology and processes that able to provide support in this type of work.

You can count on Laulagun Bearings if you need…


The experience gained by Laulagun Bearings along its journey enables it to offer reliable assistance to its customers.


At Laulagun Bearings we provide a tailor-made product design. Design improvements to enhance their performance and extend their service life span. Testing and validation offering technological services to support product development.


Preventive surveillance and on-site monitoring ensure that the large bearings and slewing rings function properly when on-site. Ask our technical service for available devices and techniques.