History of Laulagun Bearings

Laulagun was established as a company in 1973. Laulagun was established as a company in 1973. At the beginning it started as a company for the machining of large components, however, it soon began to manufacture large special bearings as well as slewing rings to supply the crane and lifting machinery industry.

Soon, in the mid-1990s, Laulagun Bearings made its way into an emerging industry: Wind turbines. This new change of course has been the basis for the consolidation and growth of Laulagun Bearings in the international market.

Over the years, the activity of manufacturing bearings gains greater relevance, until it becomes the company's unique activity. Thus, the company, which is focused on the business of large special bearings, changes its trade name to Laulagun Bearings.

Committed to innovation

At the beginning of the 1990s, Laulagun Bearings began a solid alliance with a prestigious technology centre for product design and innovation, an alliance that has continued and remains in place with a partnership and exclusivity agreement.

Laulagun Bearings is currently developing solutions and investing in R&D aimed at the renewable energy industry and offshore wind turbines.

Since its inception, Laulagun Bearings has manufactured over 40,000 blade and yaw bearings as well as slewing rings for the wind turbine industry and over 50,000 slewing rings in capital resources, out of which 40,000 have been for the crane and lifting machinery industry.

Brief timeline

  • 1973. Talleres Lau-Lagun, S.A. is founded.
  • 1977. The company starts manufacturing bearings under the brand name LAULAGUN.
  • 1992. Relocation to a new facility in OLABERRIA.
  • 1993. A partnership initiated with the IKERLAN Technology Centre.
  • 1997. The company begins to supply the wind turbine industry.
  • 1998. Extension of the facility in OLABERRIA.
  • 2004. Start-up of our own Metallographic Laboratory.
  • 2004. Extension of the facility in OLABERRIA.
  • 2006. New production facility in IDIAZABAL.
  • 2007. Extension of the facility in IDIAZABAL.
  • 2009. Framework partnership agreement with IKERLAN.
  • 2009. Extension of the facility in IDIAZABAL.
  • 2011. Creation of Laulagun Test Centre. Validation and testing area.
  • 2011. Construction of a new facility to manufacture blade and yaw bearings from 2, 5 to 3,6
  • 2016. Construction of a new facility in Idiazabal.
  • 2019. Laulagun becomes part of the Groupe Legris Industries.
  • 2019.The company completes the offshore line.
  • 2019. New facility in INDIA.