Laulagun has been certified with ISO 45001

Laulagun has been certified with the ISO45001 standard, corresponding to “occupational health and safety management systems”. This ISO 45001 standard provides guidelines that enable companies to provide safe and healthy working environments, prevent occupational accidents as well as health problems and proactively improve OSH.

Third ISO certification

At Laulagun it is of vital importance to work towards a safe environment, so this certification is consistent with our Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Policy. In addition to ISO 45001 certification, Laulagun has been certified under ISO9001 and ISO14001 for many years.

ISO 45001 standard is intended to establish, implement and maintain a management system to improve health and safety and to minimize and eliminate risks in the workplace. In this sense, and in accordance with the company’s health and safety policy, this ISO 45001 certificate seeks the ongoing improvement of services related to OSH as well as meeting the legal requirements established therein. Thus, ISO 45001 standard is the worldwide recognised occupational health and safety management system standard.

The most significant aspects of the ISO 45001 standard are as follows:

  • Preventing injuries and impairment of employee health in safe as well as healthy workplaces.
  • Eliminate hazards and minimize risks with effective prevention measures, taking advantage of opportunities and improving performance.
  • Employee consultation and participation at all applicable levels and functions of the company.
  • Building a culture in the company that supports all the expected performance of the management system.

In order to achieve ISO 45001 certification from Laulagun, the potential hazards that may exist both in its facilities and in the daily work of its employees have been identified. As a result of this first analysis, a second one has been carried out, analysing the context upon which the standard will be developed and the results that can be obtained.

Ongoing assessment

Once these first two analyses have been carried out, we have minimised the hazards and risks identified therein, all in order to improve the situation prior to the analysis. As a next step, all the necessary processes have been established to respond appropriately to possible emergencies previously identified by the company.

Certification to ISO 45001 requires monitoring and assessment of compliance with the standard, and thus Laulagun’s efforts to continue improving and adjusting the workplace for all its employees will also continue in the future. Safety for all employees is paramount for Laulagun.