Ane Mintegi champion at the Porto Alegre World Championships

Ane Mintegi champion at the Porto Alegre World Championships. Ane Mintegi, a young tennis player from Idiazabal (Gipuzkoa, Basque Country), has defeated the Japanese player Nawaguchi in the final of the Porto Alegre World Championships (Brazil), an A-level event, the highest junior level (comparable to a Masters 1000 in the professional category).

This victory in the first round in the category will help Ane Mintegi avoid having to face the next stages in the tournaments, which will make it easier for her to enter the Grand Slams.


Ane Mintegi started playing tennis eight years ago, and before yesterday’s triumph (she just turned 15) she was already running for the next state professional tennis title. Her achievements since the beginning of her career are a great support to this young sportswoman, and Laulagun Bearings intends to contribute to her future at the top of professional sports by supporting her in her career. Here at Laulagun Bearings we are committed to the young local sports talents.


Congratulations Ane!