Laulagun Bearings supports tennis player Ane Mintegi

Laulagun Bearings supports tennis player Ane Mintegi on her way to the top. The tennis player from Idiazabal will receive financial support and aid for sports equipment from Laulagun Bearings, which continues to support the local sport as well as local athletes.

Ane Mintegi started playing tennis eight years ago, and on the verge of turning 15, she’s already ranked as the state’s next professional tennis promise. Her achievements since the beginning of her career are a great support to this young sportswoman, and Laulagun Bearings intends to contribute to her future at the top of professional sports.

Straight after winning her title as Basque Country’s champion, Ane Mintegi has now won the Macedonian Open trophy on the ITF circuit, the Spanish championship title in the cadet category, the Young Promise Circuit award organised by Marca, and the Rafa Nadal award, among others.

Thanks to the support that Ane Mintegi has received from Laulagun Bearings, the tennis player will be able to make her debut on the professional circuit in the very short term.

The sponsorship offered to Ane Mintegi is in addition to any other support that Laulagun Bearings grants to different groups and sports and social teams in Idiazabal as well as in the region of Goierri, in Guipúzcoa.  Laulagun Bearings need to invest in the future of the region, as it is important to give back part of what it has received and to continue supporting and contributing to the sport, science, technology as well as local and regional social work.