Renewable energies, a solid base towards the ecological transition

If something has become clear at the II CITE Congress, it is that renewable energies have been consolidated as a fundamental basis for the ecological transition. And that companies like Laulagun Bearings play a vital role in that transition.

On October 6 and 7, Pamplona hosted the second contest of the CITE Congress, the International Congress of the Industry for the Ecological Transition, promoted by Clúster del Sector Eolico de Navarra Enercluster and the Government of Navarra.

From Laulagun we want to take advantage of these lines to thank both organizers, collaborators and attendees for the treatment offered to our representatives at the congress: Erwan Taton president of the Legris Board of Directors, Pello Irujo, CEO of Laulagun Bearings, Ibon Gómez, Global Sales Manager of Laulagun Bearings, and Aitor Zurutuza, CTO of Laulagun Bearings.

Technology, the first breath of wind

CITE brought together a large international representation of the renewable energy industry in Pamplona. Presentations, round tables, meetings, and conversations held during the congress made it clear that in order to reach the objective set by the European Commission (reduce greenhouse gases to zero by 2050), technological development must not stop. On the contrary, the energy transition requires continuing to study, expand, and develop technologies for this purpose.

For this reason, and as we have stressed so far, in Laulagun we will continue working to continue offering technologies aimed at achieving this energy transition. The wind will be one of our tools to reach this goal, but as a technological partner that we are, we will continue creating, developing, manufacturing, and testing the latest generation components for wind turbines, whether for onshore or offshore.

And this was recalled by Pello Irujo, CEO of Laulagun Bearings during the CITE congress, emphasizing both technological development and the LCOE, two of the main elements to which we must continue to pay special attention in the face of 2050.

Thanks to all of you who at one time or another took your time to share ideas and projects with Laulagun Bearings. It was a pleasure to be able to meet again, see each other face to face and share two days of great interest with all the attendees.