Laulagun Bearings will participate in the CITE congress on the energy transition

Laulagun Bearings will be at the CITE congress in Pamplona (Spain) on October 6 and 7. CITE is the international congress of the Renewable Energy Industry for the Ecological Transition, promoted by the Cluster of the Wind Sector of Navarra Enercluster and the Government of Navarra.

Renewable energies and energy efficiency promote the transition towards a society with zero greenhouse gas emissions. As stated by Pello Irujo, CEO of Laulagun Bearings, “in this transition, sustainable biofuels, such as wind, must be a key element to reach the goal set by the European Commission for the year 2050”.

Technological development and the level cost of energy

The increase in the use of renewable energies in recent years is essential to reach that goal, but “the energy transition also requires continuing to study, expand and develop technologies for this purpose,” adds Irujo.

For this reason, at Laulagun, as a technological partner that we are, we work daily to offer both our clients and society in general, technological solutions aimed at achieving this energy transition.

Creating, developing, manufacturing and testing next-generation components for wind turbines, both onshore and offshore, or other applications, is totally linked to this technological development that the renewable energy sector so badly needs for efficient energy.

“Wind energy plays a fundamental role in this whole transition. But it is also important that this transition and obtaining energy is economically accessible. The LCOE or the levelized cost of energy, together with the development of the necessary technology to achieve it, has to be another of the focuses in which we have to pay special attention ”, Irujo specifies.

For this reason, continuing to invest in projects and development programs aimed at the manufacture of innovative components is essential for the energy transition to be viable and thus be directed to that objective that Irujo mentioned: to achieve a society with zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Laulagun Bearings, will participate as a bronze sponsor in the CITE congress. The Pamplona event will feature a broad program of interventions, which will give rise to great reflections from those present. From Laulagun Bearings, we invite all our clients and suppliers to this great event. You will find more information and registration on the CITE congress website.