Laulagun strengthens its presence in India

Laulagun Bearings was an exhibitor at the Windergy India 2023 fair, an event that remarked on the exponential growth that India is experiencing in the field of renewable energy.

This year’s Windergy India Fair was a tangible testament to the economic and technological growth that India is currently undergoing. India has become a global epicenter for wind energy, and Laulagun Bearings is proud to be an active part of this exciting journey since the beginning.

Commitment to wind energy and “Made in India” industry

Windergy has shown the country’s bold commitment to reach 140 GW of wind power by 2030, in order to foster the transition towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. It’s also become clear that it is essential to continue developing technologies to reduce LCOE in order to foster energy transition. At Laulagun, we are excited to contribute to the energy transition by providing our bearings based on cutting-edge technologies to help make it a reality.

The fair also highlighted the push for local production and manufacturing in India. The country is determined to reduce its dependence on imports and strengthen its domestic manufacturing base. This is essential for maintaining sustainability and autonomy in a world where energy is a strategic resource. Laulagun shares this vision and has been actively working to collaborate with local partners and strengthen the wind energy industry in India.

Laulagun, settled in India

After inaugurating its first plant in India in 2019, Laulagun has quickly become a major player in the wind energy sector within the country. “We are proud to have developed relationships with up to 10 clients in the wind energy sector and are currently working to expand our presence in other sectors as well”, has highlighted Pello Irujo, CEO of Laulagun, at Windergy; “our experience and commitment to quality have made us a trusted partner for the Indian wind industry and our international customers, and we are excited to continue growing alongside our partners”.

Laulagun Bearings is proud to be a part of India’s ambition and determination to achieve a more sustainable and energy-independent future and looks forward to continuing to contribute to the success of the Indian wind industry in the years to come.

Thanks to everyone who showed interest in Laulagun’s solutions for wind energy at Windergy 2023.

See you all soon.