Laulagun will be at the WindEnergy Hamburg event

Laulagun Bearings will participate in the WindEnergy event to be held in Hamburg from September 27th to 30th.

The heads of different areas of Laulagun Bearings will be at the Laulagun stand, available to all those who wish to come by to learn about all the company’s latest news.

Bet on 3RR technology

3RR technology, the three-row roller bearing is one of the main bets of Laulagun. It has more than 25 years of experience in the wind sector, and has installed more than 60,000 bearings up to 5 meters in diameter. 3RR technology is one of Laulagun’s big bets, which continues to create, develop, manufacture, and test the latest generation components for wind turbines, and is also taking the first steps to use this technology in the maritime industry.

Bet on Global Footprint

In recent years, Laulagun Bearings has reaffirmed its global presence by starting up the plant in Tamil Nadu, India, in 2021, with a clear philosophy: India for India & India for Global. Laulagun’s objective is to accompany its international clients with a view to having a global business, and thus achieve 100% approval of it. In addition, Laulagun Bearings has produced more than 1,000 bearings in the last year, achieving a great milestone that positions the firm as a benchmark in the wind sector.

Bet on innovation

The commitment to technology and innovation has always been one of the fundamental pillars for Laulagun Bearings. Since the beginning, it has devoted all its resources to offering the best technology on the market, which has made the firm a benchmark in the bearings sector.

As a technological partner that it is, Laulagun Bearings continues to reinforce its spirit of leadership. This year it has taken a further step with the expansion of its testing facilities at its test center in Idiazabal, Gipuzkoa, to test bearings for clients and participate in European, regional and state projects. In addition, in continuous improvement, these facilities will be strengthened with new investments in testing by the first half of 2023.

Laulagun Bearings has also created Bearinn R&D, a new work unit dedicated to innovation and technological development, to accompany customers by offering them everything they need to develop their project and responding to their particular needs.


Bet on renewable energies

While Europe works to define an alternative strategy to fossil energy, the commitment to renewable energies such as wind must be firm, now more than ever, to accelerate the expansion of wind energy and guarantee the energy security of the European Union.

The WindEnergy event in Hamburg will also allow Laulagun Bearings to remain close to all OEMs

in the wind sector.


Visit us!

If you are going to Hamburg between September 27 and 30, Laulagun’s team will be waiting for you at Hall B2.EG, Stand 314A. If you prefer, you can contact us at to make an appointment.