Our continued support for Ane Mintegi

At Laulagun, we continue supporting Ane Mintegi. Because we like to look out for ourselves. Once again this year, Laulagun Bearings is helping the young tennis player work towards her goal of going pro. The athlete from Idiazabal will receive financial support and help with sports equipment.

Ane Mintegi began playing tennis when she was a girl, going from one training session to the next with her racket and ball in hand. From the very beginning, she showed great promise in the sport. And, now, she’s one of the biggest names internationally. That was made clear recently at the Antalya Open in Turkey, where she played her first final in a championship.

Appearing in sports media, TV reports and international sports shows, Laulagun is proud to join her on her path, supporting both local athletes and female sports.

Our sponsorship of Ane Mintegi comes on top of other collaborations Laulagun Bearings has with sports and social groups and teams in Idiazabal and Goierri county, in Gipuzkoa. Laulagun Bearings believes it is essential to invest in the county’s future, as giving back and supporting sports, science, technology and social work in the town and county is an investment in our future.