The situation of the European wind sector becomes the epicenter of WindEurope

It is known and proven by all that the international situation is shaking the foundations of the wind energy sector in Europe, which has become one of the most discussed topics at the WindEurope event held in Bilbao. Exhibitions and conferences held by European leaders during the event have made it clear that things must …

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Romeo project aims to reduce costs in offshore wind energy

Laulagun participates in the Romeo project, designed to reduce the costs of offshore wind energy. This project combines reliable operation and maintenance decision tools and strategies for high LCoE reduction in offshore wind energy. The project is an initiative funded by Horizon 2020 programme and its main purpose is to reduce the costs of offshore …

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Aerogeneradores - Energía Eólica Offshore

Installed offshore wind turbine capacity in 2024 will exceed 81 GW

Offshore wind turbine capacity will exceed 81 GW by 2024. This is stated in the report issued by Market Research Engine, claiming that the world market for offshore wind energy will grow by more than 25% for the forecasted date. The increase is thanks to the advantages that offshore wind energy has in comparison with …

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