Windergy, meeting point of the wind sector in India

From 27 to 29 April, New Delhi will host the Indian wind sector at the Windergy fair. India is one of the countries with the highest energy production based on renewable sources. According to data published by Windergy, 34.6% of the total installed power in the country comes from renewable energies, of which 46% is …

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Laulagun in the Windbox project

Laulagun is one of the partner companies within the Windbox consortium, the first advanced wind turbine manufacturing centre in the Basque Country. In addition to Laulagun, the project also includes the participation of the companies Antec, Erreka, Glual, Grupo Wec, Hine and Siemens Gamesa. Windbox offers the ability to test components for all types of …

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