Windergy, meeting point of the wind sector in India

From 27 to 29 April, New Delhi will host the Indian wind sector at the Windergy fair. India is one of the countries with the highest energy production based on renewable sources. According to data published by Windergy, 34.6% of the total installed power in the country comes from renewable energies, of which 46% is provided by wind power, that is, around 40 GW.

As a result of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, India has committed that, by 2030, 40% of the installed power generation capacity in the country will be based on clean sources. More specifically, 175 GW of renewable energy capacity was due to be installed by 2030: 100 GW of solar power, 60 GW of wind power, 10 GW of biopower and 5 GW of small hydropower.

New opportunities

But it seems that the Government of India is firmly committed to renewable energy and has set a new goal: to reach 450 GW. This represents a great opportunity for all those companies that work in this sector in India.

For this reason, this edition of Windergy fair is a great incentive for companies such as Laulagun Bearings, which has made a firm commitment to offering international customers the best solutions on the market.

Proof of this is the opening of the Laulagun Bearings plant in Chennai in 2021. Laulagun’s industrial commitment responds to the objective of accompanying its clients with a view to having a global business, and thus achieving 100% approval of it, always offering the know-how developed in Europe for more than 30 years.

20% of production

Thanks to this bet, Laulagun calculates that 20% of the 2022 production will come from the plant in India. The current international situation may change these objectives, but Laulagun’s industrial commitment, and the high investment made, is to continue accompanying its clients and responding to their needs.

For this reason, it will be a pleasure for the staff of Laulagun Bearings to attend the Windergy fair, where the representatives of our main OEMs in the sector will be able to see our new 3RR technology first-hand.

Representatives of Laulagun and Legris Industries, the group to which Laulagun belongs, will be waiting for all of you in New Delhi at the end of the month.