The offshore market, one of the keys to the future

What will be the strategic market to follow during 2022 within the wind sector? At Laulagun we have it clear: the offshore market. The beginning of the year gives us the opportunity to take stock of the past and focus on the strategies to follow in the future, which will be closely linked to the LCOE.

Advanced despite the uncertainty

2021 has been a year of great uncertainty. Added to the concern about the health situation caused by Covid is the 30-45% increase in raw material, the increase in logistics costs, the increase in energy costs (which has increased fivefold) and the increase in the CPI. 6% at the end of the year. This has caused the large OEMs to act very cautiously.

The wind sector is a young sector, which is very concerned about the current global situation. In Laulagun, 80% of production is destined for the renewable energy sector, which is why 2022 is expected to be a year of negotiations with both customers and suppliers, to try to cushion the impact caused by rising costs.

We believe that the sector cannot continue to assume this rise internally, when it is precisely renewables that are pushing the price of electricity down.

Three rows of rollers and the opening of the India plant

For this reason, at Laulagun we continue to train ourselves technologically and industrially to continue offering both our clients and the sector our full potential. Proof of this is the homologation and launch in 2021 of three rows of rollers as a future technology in the onshore market.

At the same time, also in 2021, we have launched and approved the plant in India with approximately 100 workers, another great milestone in the midst of the confusion induced by COVID, which has caused the closure of the country on more than one occasion. Finally, in Laulagun we have finished establishing a new management team, aligned with the 2020-2023 strategy, reinforcing and maturing the company’s internal processes.

Technological and industrial training

But what about the offshore market? For Laulagun, it will be a strategic bet for 2022 to offer the offshore market a technology that allows responding to the objectives established by Europe for 2030 and the final objective for 2050 of zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Therefore, as we have mentioned in previous lines, in Laulagun we continue to train ourselves both technologically and industrially for the future of the sector, which will be the offshore market.

Above all the aforementioned so far, the newspaper El Diario Vasco has echoed today, where Aitor Zurutuza, CTO of Laulagun, has given some insight into the sector and its future.