Great participation of Laulagun Bearings in the XIII Gipuzkoa Business Race

Yesterday Donostia hosted the XIII Gipuzkoa Business Race, with a good turnout from the workers of Laulagun Bearings. In total, four groups have participated, three of them in the male category and a fourth in the mixed category.

The Business Race aims to encourage the practice of team sports, where participation increases year after year. This year around 2,340 runners and runners have participated, 591 teams in total: 341 mixed teams, 205 men’s teams and 45 women’s teams.

In the mixed category Laulagun has obtained the position 303, with a time of 50:53. The rest of the three teams, all male, have been classified in positions 3, obtaining the bronze medal (30:13), 19 (35:23) and 147 (44:51).


Laulagun is grateful for the opportunity to participate in events of this nature, where teamwork is encouraged, one of the pillars of the company. In addition to this, Laulagun thanks the organization of the Business Race for the solidarity work it carries out, another of the points that Laulagun marks as fundamental within its ethical bases.

Congratulations on the results obtained to all the participants in this year’s edition.