Laulagun Bearings will sponsor the Lazkao batucada meeting

Lazkao will become the next Saturday, June 11, in place of meeting of batucadas. A total of 15 batucadas will beat their drums with hundreds of musicians in this town of Goierrita, where Laulagun Bearings is located. Musicians from different parts of the Basque Country will come to the party, including the Suthai group from Lazkao and the group from Itsasondo. Also two from Madrid, Valencia or Jaén (Spain).

The initiative is sponsored by Laulagun Bearings and the Lazkao City Council and Nahikari Maiz, head of communication for the Laulagun company, and Amagoia Naldaiz, Councilor for Culture, were present on their behalf, together with the group of organizers Imanol Garmendia, Amaia Garmendia, Maialen Arratibel , Xabi Mujika and Igone Aramendi.

It was precisely the worker of Laulagun Bearings Imanol Garmendia who, made the sponsorship proposal to the company, from which this opportunity to collaborate with this project has arisen.

Laulagun Commitment

Nahikari Maiz, head of communication for the company Laulagun Bearings, present at the presentation of the initiative, points out that Laualgun is “particularly excited” to collaborate in this meeting, because this event “allows us to leave the industrial sphere a little and show the Laulagun’s commitment to other fields”.

One of Laulagun’s values ​​is collaboration. Every day we work very closely with customers and this collaboration is very important for the company. “Well, we could say the same in this case”, Maiz points out: “We wanted to respond from the same collaboration to a proposal that came to us from the hands of the workers, in this case the possibility of collaborating with Goierri agents. For this reason, we also make a special appeal to the people of Goierritarra so that they come to Lazkao on Saturday and enjoy this precious activity”.

The meeting also has the collaboration of local hoteliers and merchants, and this will be the program:

  • 11:00 Meeting of batucadas
  • 11:30 Breakfast at the fronton
  • 12:00 Performance of the batucadas in different parts of the municipality
  • 13:30 Meeting in the square
  • 15:00 Lunch at the fronton
  • 17:00 Performance of the batucadas in different parts of the municipality
  • 19:00 Meeting of batucadas in the square and demonstrations of each group
  • 20:00 Song in unison
  • 22:00 Concert

According to the organizers, the high point of the party will take place at 8:00 p.m.: “We will do what we have never done before: more than 200 people will play the batucada to the same rhythm: we have named it “Lazkao” and It was created by the director of the Punkadeira batukada group. It will be precious”, they emphasize.

The Councilor for Culture of the Lazkao City Council, Amagoia Naldaiz, has focused on collaboration and cultural resurrection after covid-19: “A meeting like this is not frivolous, there is a lot of work behind it and both batucadas and All the collaborators have done a great job. The last two years have been hard for the cultural sector, since the measures that were in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic have not helped. But, despite this, they have had the strength to organize this great party. I want to thank the work done on behalf of all the people of Lazkao and value their work. Thanks to Suthai and everyone who made the Lazkao batukada meeting possible.”

Organizers and sponsors encourage all neighbors and visitors to participate in this great party.