India bets on renewable energy

If the Windergy fair has made something clear, it is that India is committed to renewable energies. The recent event held in New Delhi has been the perfect showcase to show that it continues to work to meet its goal: to reach 450 GW. Without a doubt, this represents a great opportunity for companies working in the wind sector in India.

From Laulagun Bearings we positively value our participation in Windergy, where, once again, we have had the opportunity to share our knowledge and our work with the international clients gathered at the event.

Industrial commitment

We calculate that 20% of Laulagun’s 2022 production will come from our plant in India, being aware that the international situation may make this figure several. Even so, Laulagun remains firm in its industrial commitment, accompanying and responding to the needs of its international clients.

Our participation in Windergy has served to strengthen our relations with the Indian market, always hand in hand with the managers and workers of our plant in Chennai. On this occasion, in addition, accompanied by managers of Legris Industries.

On behalf of Laulagun Bearings, we thank everyone who has shared their time with our team.