Laulagun Bearings, the complete circle

As our slogan says: Laulagun Bearings, the full circle. Beyond the simile we can make with bearings, our slogan defines us by our service: analysing the needs of each customer, designing and prototyping the necessary products and then testing and producing them to deliver it to the customer in response to the needs set out at the beginning.

Elements that define us

But this whole circle could not be recreated without the fundamental elements that define Laulagun Bearings: technology, ready-made manufacturing, homologation and globalization.

As the technological partner that we are, at Laulagun we work daily to meet the challenges that both the onshore and offshore markets demand of us on a daily basis. We provide our clients with all the latest technology to accompany them from start to finish in all stages of the construction process.

We have a large manufacturing capacity in terms of diameter, we are able to manufacture large bearings, available up to 6 metres outside diameter, and large three-row roller bearings for the wind industry. There is no doubt that our commitment to remain at the forefront involves investing in technology, staff training and the improvement of machinery aimed at the development of improvement and the creation of new products.

For this reason, since 2011, Laulagun Bearings has had its own test center, which allows us to test both the products manufactured for our customers, as well as to test new developments and solutions.

We export more than 80%

Thanks to all this, Laulagun Bearings is present in the most competitive and demanding markets worldwide, exporting around 80% of our production from our plants in Spain and India. This new plant, located in Thervoy Kandigai, near the city of Chennai, is a benchmark plant in terms of quality and efficiency that has allowed Laulagun to expand its global presence in the renewable energy sector.